24.11.18 20h GRRZZZ & TRRGR live

grrzzz trrgr bauwagenplatz wemgehörtdiewelt

*GRRZZZ* _paris_
Grrzzz is an Industrial-Punk-duo from Paris. They are diy and anarchist punks who welcome all people that struggle using their hands and brains in order to make an alternative way to capitalist domination and do not like false rebel suckers in weird clothes. They are constantly touring all squats and alternative places in Europe. Expect from their records as well as from their concerts a unique mixture of EBM, Industrial Metal, Digital Hardcore & Hardcore Punk. Recommended for aficionados of such diverse groups as Front242, Godflesh, Ministry, Atari Teenage Riot, Minor Threat or Black Flag.

*TRGGR* _cologne_

bar sounds:
*Basement Jerks* _kalk_
weird vinyl aficinado dj team

*Siff City Rocker* _cologne_
vinyl specialist and tape activist



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