Sunshinebarspecial: Seth Faergolzia live

Am Mittwoch wird uns der Sänger Seth Faergolzia besuchen und zur Bar aufspielen. Der Musiker aus New York kommt diesmal allein auf kurze Europatour.
Große Unterhaltung!
Der Eintritt ist natürlich frei, ist ja Sunshine Bar. Für Seth geht der Hut rum.

Seth Faergolzia (New York) will be making his yearly round of Europe playing a couple festivals and bouncing around the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and France with his new album „Loop Paintings“, this time with a different sort of concert.
He will be performing a varied cross-section of music spanning his 20 year songwriting career with Dufus / Multibird / Forest Creature / Heck Yup / 23 Psaegz. Seth will also be showing some of his new work involving:
• Live Looping
• Loop Painting (live painting with loops. on special occasions)
• Soft Songs
• Fresh Cuts written this past year
• Music from his earlier repertoire