Samstag, 22.10.2016 Konzert

Old Time Konzert 22.10.2016 Wagenplatz

William T. Anderson of Country Song Roundup Magazine (CSR) cordly invites y´all to hoot nanny of a hodown to celebrate the end of a bountyful harvest season. We here at ‚CSR‘ Magazine have searched far and wide, near and far, here there and everywhere for the best country music artists the „Good Lord“ could provide. The Ol‘ Timey Messengers, Pete Bondurants Rache along with Fierce Flowers and Siff City Records will whip us into a frenzy of dance and hootin n hollerin. All around debauchery will be takin place at the crossroads of Krefelder and Innerkanal at sundown in the Wagon Place.

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